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Firewise Volunteer Hours Worksheet
Submissions are per calendar year. You can make multiple submissions per year if needed.

Dwelling Unit/Home
Examples include: Removing pine needles and leaf litter from roof and gutters, replaced vinyl gutters
with metal gutters, ignition-resistant exterior improvements, installing screening on vents, flammable
items removed from under decks and porches, inspect roof and replace missing shingles, etc.

Landscaping (0—100 ft from base of dwelling unit)
Examples include: Installation of hardscaping, replacing combustible mulches with stone/gravel
options, tree and shrub removal, raking and removal of pine needles, leaves, ground litter/debris, tree
trimming/limbing, moving firewood, lawn and native grass maintenance, etc.

Common Area
(HOA or other Homeowner jointly owned property within the site boundary) Activities include: Tree
thinning, mastication and brush removal, grass maintenance, fire break construction, etc.

Meetings, presentations, program administration, home site visits, etc.

Chipper Costs: Purchase/rental, fuel & oil, disposal fees, etc.

Other Equipment Costs: Chain saw purchase/rental, power equip. purchase/rental,

hand tools, protective equipment, etc.

Contractor Costs: Arborists, landscapers, professional forestry services,

debris removal, etc.

Home Improvement Costs: Roofs, decks, windows, vent screening, retrofits, etc.



Miles Driven

Thank you for submitting your expenses and time! We've received your submission.

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